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Rabat Health Centre

Where are we?
Rabat Health Centre is located in Civic Centre, Triq San Kataldu, Rabat. RBT-1528
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For persons residing in Rabat, Mdina, Mtarfa, Dingli, Attard, Bahrija and Kuncizzjoni. 


Opening hours:    Monday to Friday:                  7am - 8pm  (GP from 8am to 8pm)
                              Saturday:                                 7am - 2pm  (GP from 8am to 1pm)
                              Sunday and Public Holidays:   7am to 8pm (nursing staff only)

Please click Entitlement Guidelines​ for further details about your entitlement to the services offered.​

Services offered include: ​

Physiotherapy Clinic (available from Attard Community Clinic)
Podology Clinic
Port-a-Cath Service
Schedule V Clinic
Speech Language Pathology
Well Baby Clinic
Wound Clinic

Community Clinics
The following peripheral clinics fall under the jurisdiction of Rabat Health Centre:
  • Attard
  • Dingli

Please click here for further details.

More detailed information about the above services offered:

AntiCoagulation Clinic (Point of Care)

This clinic runs by an appointment system from Monday to Friday from 8.10am to 10.30am.

Diabetes Clinic

This clinic is open from Monday to Wednesday and Friday from 7:30am till 13:30pm.

You may be referred to this clinic by the health centre doctor, your family doctor or from Diabetes Clinic Mater Dei Hospital.

As a new case you will receive an appointment notice by post.

Follow-up appointments are given during visits.

Ear Syringing Service

Ear syringing two appointment daily from Monday to Friday.

ECG Clinic
This clinic is open alternate Saturdays from 8am till noon.
You are entitled to be referred for an ECG by your doctor who has to fill in a ticket of referral to a Government hospital/health centre, or by the Health Centre doctor who has to fill in a Health Centre ECG request form. ECG's are taken on alternate Saturdays by appointment.
Please phone the Health Centre reception desk for an appointment between 10am and 5pm on weekdays.
The consultant physician will issue a report on your ECG, after you have had your ECG.  

Immunisation Services
This clinic is open on Mondays (7.30am-1.30pm), alternate Thursdays (7.30am-1.30pm) and alternate Saturdays (7.30am- noon).
To attend this clinic you need to call the Health Centre for an appointment during clinic hours. No referrals are needed.
You are requested to bring the immunisation record for the nurse to update.
Scheduled childhood immunisations recommended by the department for persons considered at risk are given free of charge.
Children who miss out on their immunisation for Hepatitis B and MMR carried out in schools can receive such immunisation at this clinic.

Medical Consultant Clinic

This clinic is open on Thursdays from 8am till 3:30pm.
You may be referred to this clinic by the Health Centre doctor or your family doctor.
To make an appointment, please present the referral ticket at the reception desk. This will be vetted by the Consultant Physician and you will be contacted back and an appointment date given.
Appointments for follow-ups are given as indicated by the physician according to clinical need.

Nursing Services - Treatment/Emergency Clinic
A number of medical and nursing services are available at the treatment room. These include:
  • Treatment of emergencies
  • Daily injection of insulin for diabetic patients
  • Blood tests and other investigations
  • Treatment of wounds and change of dressings
  • Sutures (applying stitches to a wound)
  • Administration of injections, antibiotics and vitamins
  • Administration of nebuliser therapy (for the treatment of asthma).
  • Anti-coagulant clinic blood assessments
  • Leg ulcer therapy, by appointment from Sir Paul Boffa Hospital or from Tissue Viability Unit
The treatment room is open from 7am to 7.45pm on weekdays, Sundays including Public Holidays and on Saturdays from 8am to 2pm. A nurse is always available whilst a doctor is only available till 8pm on weekdays and till 1pm on Saturday.
On daily basis the treatment room is used for blood letting between 7.15am - 9am (by appointment), therefore all non urgent cases needing use of treatment room will be treated afterwards.


This is available from Monday to Friday: 7.15am - 9.00am
                                   Saturdays:              7.15am - 8.30am

Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy services are available at the Attard Community Centre on Tuesday and Friday.
Attard Community clinic accepts clients from Mdina, Dingli, Rabat, Mtarfa, Bahrija, Kuncizzjoni & Attard.
Clinical hours 7:45 to 13:45

In community clinics (Bereg), the patient may either present a ticket of referral from a health centre GP or the family GP or the patient may also self-refer (make an appointment without GP referral).

Appointments may be made by phone on 21231231 / 21222444 from 7:30 to 14:00 or by visiting the community clinic on Tuesday or Friday.

Only clients who are 16+ and have a musculoskeletal condition are eligible to attend physiotherapy clinics at health centres.

Podology Clinic
This clinic is open from Monday to Saturday from 8am till 2pm.
This clinic is by appointment. A referral is not required. Please call our reception desk for an appointment between 10am till 5pm on weekdays.
Follow-up appointments are set according to clinical need.
Routine cutting of toenails are performed only if you suffer from diabetes or have circulation problems.

Port-a-Cath Service

Port-a-Caths are being used more commonly in clients requiring long-term treatment for various health conditions including oncology and haematology conditions.  Many clients who have a port-a-cath in situ can keep the line for several years, often well beyond the treatment  period.

The client is to bring the information booklet supplied from SAMOC with them to every appointment for documentation purposes.

Client’s who do not have a backflow or whose port-a-cath is not patent will be referred back to SAMOC.

Schedule V Clinic
This clinic is open on alternate Saturdays from 8am till noon.
You may be referred to this clinic by the Health Centre doctor or family doctor.
Schedule V cards issued from the Departments of Surgery, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology and Psychiatry at Mater Dei Hospital can only be renewed by the same department and cannot be renewed at the Health Centre.
If you are still attending the Medical Outpatients Clinic at Mater Dei Hospital on a regular basis, your Schedule V card issue and renewal should be obtained from your consultant at the Medical Outpatients and not from the Health Centre.
A consultant physician will assess your claim for entitlement and will initiate the procedure required to supply you with a Schedule V card, which will entitle you to receive free medication. One cannot collect medicines before receiving the card.

Speech Language Pathology
This clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 3:30pm.
For more information please click here.

Well Baby Clinic

Monitoring and recording of children's development and advice on immunisation and feeding.
After your baby is born, you will receive an appointment by mail for the baby’s first visit at Well Baby Clinic situated within the Health Centre. This visit takes place when the baby is around 6 - 8 weeks of age. If your baby was born at a private clinic or hospital, you can still phone for an appointment at the clinic. The 6-8 week examination is usually booked on the same day as the first vaccination is due. 
Routine visits are carried out when your baby is:

• 6 - 8 weeks old
• 8 months old
• 18 months old.
All these visits are by appointment which you will receive by mail. Change of appointment may be made by phone on the clinic days.
Please bring the 'Baby's Book' you are given from the Obstetrics Ward when you bring your baby for the visit.
The Well Baby Clinic at Rabat Health Centre operates on alternate Mondays and once monthly on Saturdays.
Between 12.30pm and 2pm on Mondays parents may drop in at the Clinic to check their baby's weight without a need for appointment.

Wound Clinic

This clinic is open at the following schedule:
Monday - Friday:                       9.40am - 7.00pm
Saturdays:                                  9.00am - 1.00pm
Sundays and public holidays:    7.00am - 7.00pm

Administration Team:
Dr. Anthony Livori - Principal General Practitioner.
Victor Cuschieri - Charge Nurse
Charles Zahra - Charge Nurse

Contact email address[email protected] ​​
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