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The Dietetic Service provides therapeutic advice about nutrition and diet to people with a range of dietary issues. Dietetics is the discipline of applying nutritional science to individuals and groups in states of disease and health.

Dietitians assess specific nutritional requirements throughout the lifespan and translate this into advice and/or treatment. This will maintain, reduce risk to, or restore health, as well as alleviate discomfort in palliative care. Current services are provided in various health centres and community clinics.

All dietitians employed by the Ministry have completed an approved qualification and are registered to practice with the Council for the Professions Complementary to Medicine. The team works closely with re​levant medical, nursing and allied health professionals.

The services include:

• Individualised d
ietary assessments and nutrition diagnoses for adults
• Advice on the appropriate diet for various clinical and medical conditions
• Nutrition and dietetic training to all health care professionals


The Person who fulfils the eligibility criteria to benefit from this service can be referred by a doctor or healthcare professional

Required Documents

Standard referral forms

Back Office Process

Nutrition and Dietetics services receive referrals through a standard procedure at the specified entity. Referrals received are then distributed amongst the dietitians for vetting, so cases are prioritised according to urgencies. An appointment is provided   to the client and each client is notified by letter, telephone and/or SMS. The dietitian documents the details of each consultation and relevant information kept in the clients’ records under a strict confidentiality policy. At the first consultation a client is assessed and given individual nutrition and dietetic intervention according to the reason of referral. Follow up appointments are given according to each client’s individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What should I do if I can't attend my outpatient appointment for any reason?

Answer: If you need to change your dietetics outpatient appointment, please contact the relevant entity as soon as possible. This will enable us to offer you another slot close to your appointment while giving your slot to another client. If you do not attend your appointment and have not contacted our office or main reception you will be discharged from the clinic and need another referral if you want to be seen again.

Q​uestion: Do I need to bring anything else to an outpatient appointment?

Answer: Following an assessment, you might be instructed to keep a regular account of your dietary intake and this information will be invaluable to the dietitian in managing your care. If you are coming in for an outpatient follow-up appointment, you might be asked to bring your food diary with you. It is often useful if you can bring the dietitian a list of any medications and/or supplements you are taking.


When you visit our Office we will:

·         ​ Be quick, courteous and helpful

·         Welcome you in a clean and friendly environment.
·         Answer promptly
·         Identify ourselves. 


Email: [email protected]

Tel: 21231231 / 21222444