Occupational Health (Medical) Unit
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Occupational Health (Medical) Unit

OHU Function

The Occupational Health (Medical) Unit provides a medical service in respect of public service employees (Government-Ministerial Departments, and employees of associated entities (Corporations and Authorities).  The Unit fulfils a clinical function in the field of Occupational Medicine and the adjectival term ‘Medicine’ inserted in its title emphasizes this fact (and also distinguishes it from the later-established Occupational Health and Safety Authority).

The OHU serves the following functions:-
  1. Pre-placement Medical Examinations for the purpose of certification of medical fitness prior to employment/appointment (transfers) apprenticeships etc.
  2. Periodical Medical Examinations with regard to specific occupational health hazards.
  3. Pre course examinations of Medical/Dental students and of all IHC students.
  4. Assessment of foreign elective students prior to their Malta placement.
  5. Sundry requests for reports concerning individual employees as well as specific testing for Colour Vision defects and similar.

OHU- Descriptive and Historical

The OHU was established over 5 decades ago:  the earliest records date back to the late 1950’s.  It was pioneered by a doctor who was inspired to recognize the necessity of a unit that provides occupational medical practice.  The Unit grew to provide for the large influx in government employees over the following decades but now it has been pared down to the minimum ( a staff of 5 in all including 1 doctor and 1 nurse).  Its smallness is a very positive factor inculcating (as it does) a highly flexible and integrated staff resulting in great efficiency.
The OHU doctor should be encouraged to continue and develop his consultative and advisory role (which includes amongst others psychological support and health promotion). An integration with hospital services is warranted.
The Unit serves Hospital employment (including MDH, other hospitals, the Faculty of Health Sciences-University of Malta), MCAST and others besides Ministerial entities.
Access to OHU Services
It is to be noted that the OHU does not accept requests for service provision from the Private Sector nor from individuals themselves (whether in the Public or Private Sector).  It is not a clinic open to direct access from the public.  Access to the OHU medical service is made through direct request to the OHU by the responsible and authorised, relevant office (usually Human Resources /Personnel) of the Government service entity.
Head of Unit:  Dr. Damien Calleja Stafrace MD MMCFD MRCGP(int)​
Unit Address:
26, Occupational Health Medical Unit 
Triq D'Argens, 

e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: 21224425/21239953

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