Medical Digital Imaging (X-Ray) Service
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Medical Digital Imaging (X-Ray) Service

Private family doctors shall be able to refer patients directly for most plain radiological X-Rays to Government Health Centres. However, private family doctors must fill out an online request via myhealth website​ for the patient to be X-Rayed.

To this effect patients will no longer be required to be re-examined by the Health Centre doctors prior to having an X-Ray taken at the Health Centres.

Medical Digital Imaging (X-Ray) Service Opening Hours of Health Centres:

The attention of all General Practitioners is being drawn to the attached schedule which refers to the current opening hours of the Medical Imaging (X-Ray) Service in each of the respective Health Centres:

Health Centre​ Monday​ Tuesday​ Wednesday​ Thursday​ Friday​ Saturday​ Sunday​
Floriana ​07.30-19.30 ​​​07.30-19.30 ​​​07.30-19.30 ​​​07.30-19.30 ​​​07.30-19.30 ​​​07.30-19.30 ​Closed
Gzira ​07.30-14.00 ​07.30-14.00 ​07.30-14.00 07.30-14.00 ​07.30-14.00 07.30-14.00 ​Closed
Qormi ​07.30-14.00 ​07.30-14.00 ​07.30-14.00 ​07.30-14.00 ​07.30-14.00 ​07.30-14.00 ​Closed
​Paola ​07.30-19.30 ​07.30-19.30 ​07.30-19.30 ​07.30-19.30 07.30-19.30 ​07.30-19.30 ​Closed
​Cospicua ​  No X-Ray service available ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Mosta ​Open 24hrs from Monday till Sunday ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Rabat ​  No X-Ray service available ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​Bkara ​  No X-Ray service available ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
1. Private family doctors may refer both urgent and non-urgent patients directly for plain radiological investigations to the X-Ray clinic at the various Health Centres according to where the patient resides.
2. The opening hours of the Medical Imaging (X-Ray) clinics in the various Health Centres are as per above schedule.

3. The Medical Imaging (X-Ray) service at Mosta Health Centre is available 24hrs, while at Floriana and Paola Health Centres the X-Ray service is available till 7.30pm.

4. After respective daily closure of the X-Ray units within Health Centres, patients are to be referred to the closest X-Ray Unit still in service. After 7.30pm, all patients requiring X-Rays are to be referred to Mosta Health Centre by the General Practitioner/Private Family Doctor unless advised to go to Mater Dei. 
5. When referring patients to another health centre, the patient should then be followed up at the referred health centre and not sent back to the referring doctor.

6. The radiographer must be informed immediately if there is a possibility of pregnancy.

7. Only plain digital X-Ray imaging is provided at health centres. For other special x-ray examinations, patients need to be referred to Mater Dei Hospital.
  1. Private family doctors must fill out an online request via myhealth website​ when referring patients for plain radiological investigations. No referrals will be processed unless the request is on this form.
  2. Both for cold and non-urgent cases, x-ray imaging is still mainly performed as on a walk-in basis. However, X-Ray imaging is on some rare occasions performed by appointment. For those instances where an appointment is required, the radiographer would inform patients directly re appointment date.
  3. All urgent cases will be seen immediately as walk-in cases.
  4. Patients are to produce a means of identification when calling at the Health Centre
  5. On the appointment date and in urgent cases patients will be directed immediately to the X-ray clinic after presentation of the Family Doctor request form at the reception. Patients no longer require to be vetted by the Health Centre family doctor prior to the X-Ray.
  6. Urgent cases will be reviewed by the health centre doctor immediately after the X-Ray is taken. Other non-urgent patients are instructed to revisit the respective health centre in less than 10 days' time in order for a doctor to provide them with the specialist radiologist report.
  7. Private family doctors can view results on myHealth and patients can also obtain a CD copy of the X-Ray from the Medical Imaging Department at Mater Dei Hospital.