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Child Interpreters: A true story
December 3rd, 2023

 Initial assessment of migrant children and adoloscents in Primary Care

PBS News Hour, Nov 20th, 2023.  (Accessed 21st December 2023)

Monitoring and Assessing Cultural Competence in Primary HealthCare 2021

Covid-19 Pandemic   2020-2021

  Primary Health Care Newsletter-June 2018
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   EMN Newsletter June 2018


Good Law; Bad Law: Implicit bias in healthcare 
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2017   PHCD Newsletter article: Issue 14-April 2017
           The social determinants of health of migrants at a glance

 Article_PHCD Newsletter 2017.jpg
Migration and determinants of health: clinical epidemiological characteristics of migrants in Malta (2010–11) J Public Health (2014) 36 (3): 368-374 first published online November 25, 2013
Is it safe to fast with diabetes during Ramadan?