Cultural Mediators in Primary Health Care
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Cultural Mediators in Primary Health Care


Ukrainian Participants-Training Programme-Cultural Mediators in Healthcare

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 2019  The Migrant Health Unit (PHC) announces the 17th Training programme: 
             Cutural Mediators in Health Care

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 What participants said:

‘Thank you for the great experience and professional training.  I learnt a lot of practical and useful things’.     (Liliana Cumura, Sociologist- Serbia) 

‘Thank you, it has been an inspiring course’.   (Sophie Tillie, Translator-UK)

‘To achieve a healthy living, and ensure all have access to health care, we must fold our sleeves and work together to break the barriers and bridge the gap. Thanks you for organizing this impactful CM training’.    (Livingstone Ngetuny, Researcher/Student-Kenya)

​The Migrant Health Liaison Office provides a cultural mediation (interpreter) service at Floriana Health Centre. The trained cultural mediators assist health professionals and clients to overcome language and cultural barriers. The training is provided by the Migrant Health Liaison Office and successful students are awarded a certificate. In 2016 the training programme was delivered in Ljubljana following the large influx of migrants in Slovenia in 2015.  The training was organised by IOM Slovenia.

2019  PHC announces the 16th Training programme: Cutural Mediators in Health Care

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2019  Poster:  Cultural Mediators: Floriana Health Centre

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2018  New added Content: Training proramme for Cultural Mediators in Health Care

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2018:  The 15th Training Programme for 'Cutural Mediators in Health Care' 

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2017 Change in serivce hours - Cutural Mediators Serivce at Floriana Health Centre
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2017: Cultural Mediators in Health Care Training
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 2016 July & September :  Training for Cutural Mediators in Ljubljana organised by IOM Slovenia
Cultural Mediation Course Poster

2015:  European Commission (EWSI)_Good practice 
2015:  FETE Project (People for Change) January - June 2015
Young non-EU migrants who participated in this project received a 7 day training and were allocated with different entities to receive a working expereinces.  3 youngsters participated in this Internship at Mater Dei Hospital and Floriana Health Centre
2014/2015: Cultural Mediator Service Floriana Health Centre & Mater Dei Hospital
LEAP! Project-Cultural Mediators Traineeship
Service at Floriana Health Centre 2015
  • Somali Language: Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 15:30pm

Service at Mater Dei Hospital 2015

  • Somali: 3 times weekly alternating with twice weekly
  • Eritrean Language: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat: 8am till noon
Training Programme for Cultural Mediators in Health Care
  • 2015 Training Programme (Group 13)

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What participants said:

   A helpful training programme for my fpotential future career (Chilo Mengistu)

    An important training prgramme to learn the complexity of communication in cross-cutural situations (Hourie Tafech)

   I wish to attend other similar courses.  It would be could to have periodical refreshing courses (Sahar Gauci)

   This training has helped me to understand communication issues in a medical situations (Abdi Rahsid hamud  Nadif)

   A very interesting raining programme.  Useful for my work and in the community.  Community leaders should participate in this programme (Chris Etim)

   This training can change the outlook of trainees towards the health care system and improve the lives of people with language problems who are seeking health care services (Umayma Elamin)This training can change the outlook of trainees towards the health care system and improve the lives of people with language problems who are seeking health care services (Umayma Elamin)

   Really interesting and useful course.  Wish to follow up with another health care courses at a higher level (Tejan Khalifa).

   Very interesting course and a very friendly multicultural group (Annu Gandin)

  • 2019 Training Programme (Group 17)
  • 2019 Training Programme (Group 18)
  • 2018  Training Programme (Group 15)
  • 2017  Training Programme (Group 14)
  • 2016  Training Programme (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • 2015 Training Programme (Group 13)
  • 2014 Training Programme (Group 12) + placement at Mater Dei Hospital 
  • 2014 Training Programme (Group 11)
  • 2013 Training Programme (Group 10)
  • 2012 Training Programme (Group 9)
  • 2011 Training Programme (Group 8)
  • 2011 Training Programme (Group 7)
  • 2011 Training Programme (Group 6)
  • 2011 Training Programme (Group 5 - Lyster Barracks, Halfar)
  • 2010 Training Programme (Group 2, 3 & 4) -  (Programme revised-MCQ Test implemented)
  • 2009 Training Programme (Group 1)