Transporting Vaccines
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Transporting Vaccines

​In general, the non-commercial transportation of vaccines is discouraged. Vaccine manufacturers do not recommend it, or provide any guidance. However, if it is absolutely necessary to transport vaccines, the following guidelines should be followed strictly:


  1. Use a small cooler bag
  2. Use a frozen freezer pack and cover it completely with bubble wrap
  3. Line the bottom of the cooler bag with bubble wrap
  4. Place the vaccine/s in their full packaging on top of the wrapped freezer pack
  5. Cover the vaccine boxes with another layer of bubble wrap
  6. Close the cooler bag and keep in a cool place during transport
  7. On arrival at destination, place the vaccines in the refrigerator which must be set at a temperature of 2 to 8 Celsius.


These guidelines should ensure that the vaccine is maintained at a temperature of 2 to 8 Celsius for a maximum of 8 hours. If the temperature of the vaccine goes beyond this level, the vaccine will not remain effective. It is therefore important that every time a vaccine needs to be transported, the above method is carried out.