Medical Council Registers
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Medical Council Registers

Steps on how to find a Doctor/Dentist from the on-line Medical Council Registers:

  1. Download the specific Register needed, please note that all the Registers are in pdf.
  2. Input the Registration Number, or the Name and/or Surname of the Practitioner in the FIND field
  3. Press enter and the pdf. document will highlight the record needed.

Introduction to the Registers​ (updated 13.05.2022)     

Dental Surgeons - Temporary Register (updated (14.06.2024)

Medical and Dental Specialists Register (updated 20.06.2024)

* Note:  Temporary Registration is granted for a period of one year, renewable annually, on the condition that such practice is carried out only in a Government hospital/clinic or any other branch of the health service provided by the Government, under supervision.  Temporary Registration is not equivalent to Full Registration in terms of Health Care Professions Act 2003, Chap 464 and EU Directive 2005/06/EC.

* Note: The format of the Specialist Register is presently under review, in order to publish both the date of completion of training and the date of inclusion on the register.


In order to submit application for the removal from any of the Medical Registers, please return to us a duly filled Declaration Form: Removal from the Medical Council Registers ​(updated 24.05.2022).
For any queries regarding errors or omissions kindly send an email to the Registrar ([email protected]).  The Medical Council Registers are updated by end of each month.
For any queries regarding the Annual Retention Fee and Subscriptions please send an email to [email protected].