Superintendence of Public Health
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Superintendence of Public Health

P​rof. Charmaine Gauci
Superintendent of Public Health
The function and responsibilities of the Department of Health Regulation / Superintendence of Public Health is to safeguard public health, licence, monitor and inspect the provision of healthcare services in order to ensure their quality and safety, and to recommend the standards to be met by healthcare providers and advise the Minister on matters relating to public health.  

The functions and duties of the Department include: 
(a) formulating regulations and standards in line with Government direction and ensuring their enforcement;
(b) advising Government on the public health aspects of regulation of food medicines, blood, organs and health professionals;
(c) receiving and processing applications for the issuing of a licence for any healthcare service, pharmacy and other services falling within public health regulations, provided by healthcare providers;
(d) evaluating, accrediting, recognising and licencing systems, policies, agencies, entities and private healthcare providers where the safety of the institution and the service delivery are assured;
(e) monitoring and ensuring the maintenance of public health standards and regulations in licensed premises and other entities as appropriate;
(f) advising the government on public health aspects of emergency preparedness and coordinate emergency response programmes;
(g) safeguarding the health and wellbeing of the public through the enforcement of all national and international regulations and public health legislation;
(h) preventing communicable and non-communicable diseases and carrying out surveillance and control in order to protect the general public from such diseases; 
(i) developing, co-ordinating and evaluating various environment monitoring programmes aimed at reducing health hazards and promoting environmental health;
(j) maintaining national and international networking in the field of public health and representing the government in international public health-related fora; 
(k) promoting research, teaching and training;
(l) cooperating on issues within the remit of the department, with local and international organisations particularly with the institutions of the European Union involved in health; 
(m) implementing any other matter required for the fulfilment of its mission, and for the execution of duties pertaining to the State. 

The Superintendent of Public Health gives direction to the directorates falling within the Superintendence of Public Health including the Environmental Health Directorate, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate and the Health Care Standards Directorate.​

Secretariat: Ms. Marianne Farrugia 
Telephone: +356 2595 3302 

Administration and Communications
This office is responsible for the general administration of the Office of the Superintendent of Public Health as well as the transmission of media releases and notifications to the public. It also provides administrative support to the other units falling under the Superintendence.

Assistant Director: ​Ms. Pauline Schembri
​Telephone: ​+356 2595 3308

This Directorate is responsible for the enforcement of food safety and public health legislation. Most of its responsibilities are in the area of foodstuffs of non-animal origin, food safety & hygiene, imports of food of non-animal origin and also environmental issues. The Public Health Laboratory and Government Cemetries also falls within this directorate.

Director: Mr. Hadrian Bonello​
​Telephone: ​+356 2133 2225

This Directorate is responsible for all activities aimed at improving health and the prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

​Dr. Paula Vassallo
​Telephone: ​+356 2326 6789
​Fax: +356 2326 6111

This Directorate is responsible for the establishment and monitoring of standards to be adhered to by service providers in the primary, secondary and tertiary care sectors as well as the enforcement of legislation in relation to blood, organs, tissues and cells.

​Ms. Sandra Gatt
​Telephone: ​+356 2595 3326